Synergy Quantum is launching an Initial Coin Offering to raise $100 million to build a $10 billion wealth management business in 5 years.


We will democratize private banking and disrupt a $63 trillion industry which has been stagnant since the House of Medici.

There are more "entry level" millionaires than ever before, minted at a faster rate than ever before.

We will empower this demographic with the same products and services that only the Ultra-High-Net-Worth can currently access. 

Our digitized platform will be the most significant innovation to the wealth management industry, making top-tier products and services available to a greater share of humanity. 

We differentiate ourselves by embracing frontier technologies in quantum, automation and blockchain in order to drive high returns and a large volume of clients.


Synergy Quantum

Find out about our technical platform, mission, market opportunity and results of years of research.

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Find out about our $2.5 billion AUM multi-family office which has been in existence since 1999.

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