Synergy Quantum: Platform Architecture

The strength of Synergy Quantum as a global private wealth manager rests on a:

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The industry standard is to place clients into three buckets from Defensive to Balanced to Aggressive, using risk tolerance questionnaires which are easily beatable and largely binary. The Synergy Personality Sensitivity Analysis (SPA) is our solution which gamifies the client on-boarding process, merging risk profiling with personality testing. Instead of assigning clients one risk profile in general, Synergy Quantum accounts for each client's risk tolerance for every asset class. Further, Synergy Quantum determines Strategic or Tactical allocation based upon each client's detailed preferences.

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The Head of Neurosciences and Client On-Boarding is Dr. Tiphaine Saltini:


2. better management of the client's wealth

JANUS is the breakthrough technology in asset allocation, a tool for six-dimensional portfolio construction and an AI system developed in partnership with Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC). JANUS utilizes the latest research in neural network technologies to determine the best asset allocation algorithms and models. CQC is led by Ilyas Khan, who is on the Advisory Board of Synergy Quantum and also the Chairman of The Stephen Hawking Foundation

The CEO and Head Investment Strategist is Jay Oberai:


3. better banking through a digital blockchain platform

Artificial neural networks are the latest development in deep machine learning. Synergy Quantum is at the forefront of such research and will integrate crypto-assets into the platform in the future. By securing transactions and client privacy through blockchain technology, we seek to create a bank fit for future technological integrations. Through our ICO fundraising, we will acquire private banking assets globally in order to restructure them, integrate them into our technical architecture and ultimately empower their clients with better performance. 

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The Head of Banking Acquisition and Integration is Kim Potvin:

  • Former Chief Operating Officer at BNP Paribas (Switzerland)