Research and Development Partners


cambridge quantum computing

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is an independent company combining expertise in Quantum Information Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation and Pattern Recognition. CQC has developed Arrow, a collection of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for anomaly detection and classification of real-time data. Arrow provides selected partners with the tools to derive value from financial time series.


blockchain at berkeley

Dedicated to serving the Berkeley and greater Silicon Valley crypto and blockchain communities, their members include foremost experts from campus. They offer education, consulting and technological development in the field of blockchain. 


transform group

Transform Group is the world's leading ICO strategic advisory firm. Their clientele constitutes over 30% of the crypto market cap. They have launched over 60 ICO's including the first million-dollar ICO. 

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Millennium Blockchain is an international holding company focused on actively investing and co-managing blockchain companies, technologies and crypto-assets focused on financial markets, healthcare, crypto-mining and high technology.